Quality nail clippers for men is not easy as some people think. Because, their nails is thick and hard to slice. Here’s top 5 quality nail clippers for men you should own.



SEKI EDGE SS-106 will be a tool to keep you away from concerns about nail care: splitting and tearing your nails can leave a rather rough and jagged edge. It is made of high grade stainless steel. You will be satisfied with the cutting edge made to maintain its sharp and durable.

In addition, the SEKI EDGE SS-106 is stylish and handy with a sturdy grip that allows for easy and smooth cutting. So even the thickest nails are trimmed and shaped with little effort.

Summary SEKI EDGE SS-106

  • Materials: made with high grade tempered stainless steel
  • Design: super sleek, stylish and ergonomic design with solid grip
  • GREAT GIFT- Excellent gift for family and friends, Lasts a lifetime


Harperton Nail Clipper Set

If you are looking for a nail trimmer built for a wide range of nails including men, women, girls, boys, seniors, seniors and infants, Manicure sets Harperton is one of the top choices. The product is made of high quality surgical stainless steel, so it has high durability and sharpness for nail care.

Harperton Nail Clipper Set has unique processing design so that users can use one easily and have the desired result.

Summary Harperton Nail Clipper Set

  • High durability and sharpness: Stainless steel blades, sharpened, smoothly cut and easily
  • Appropriate tools: With two unique dimensions, you will always have the right tools for nails of feet and hands
  • Unique processing design: Reinforced and forged clipper handle creates more strength and leverage which means you have to work less, even with thick nails

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Kohm CP-140L Toenail Clipper


Kohm CP-140L Toenail Clipper is ideal to trim those thicker nails. This product is made of stainless steel. If you are worried about the thickness of the nails do not worry too much because the trimmer of the machine has a long body and the handle produces a moderate amount of leverage to cut larger than the thickness of the nail.

In addition, curved tongues of the product are designed for those who are not prone to nail growth.

Summary Kohm CP-140L Toenail Clipper

  • Wide jaw opening for thick nails up to 4mm
  • Wider handle to improve grip and prevent finger slippage
  • Stainless steel body: Durability, looks polished, easay to clean by alcohol

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Grooming District Premium Nail Clippers


Grooming District Premium Nail Clippers is one of the best products for you when you travel. The kit includes nail file, emery board and a nail clipper suitable for both fingers and toes. All of them are well fitted with a handy case.

The product is durable and sharp with stainless steel material. In addition, the product has a design that makes it easy to care for your nails: anti-slip, wide gap sharp blades that cuts smoothly.

Summary Grooming District Premium Nail Clippers

  • Set include: nail file, emery board, nail clipper
  • Great for travel: fitted with a handy case
  • Easy to use: anti-slip, wide gap sharp blades that cuts smoothly
  • Durability and sharpness: made by stainless steel material

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Keiby Citom Nail Clippers

topnailskit.com-Keiby-Citom-Nail-ClippersKeiby Citom Nail Clippers is considered one of the world’s leading nail care products with 360-degree rotating head. This feature offers the advantage of having no more difficult position when cutting nails. The product is durable and sharp with stainless steel material.

Summary Keiby Citom Nail Clippers

  • Unique design: 360-degree rotating head – that it sways easily as you need to turn on a rounded nail or trim sharp edges in tight spaces
  • Comfortable Grip – Unique design prevents slipping and provides great leverage
  • Durability and sharpness: Made of top quality stainless steel – Processed by a special technology,have a extreme hardness and super sharp

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So, If you are male and are looking for a suitable nail trimmer, you should consider Top 5 quality nail clippers. Cause, they are good quality, good price and easy to use.


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