If you’re a home-based hobbyist, getting a nail care kit is essential. And with today’s busy life, to satisfy that hobby, an electric manicure set will be a very good choice

Here’s Top 5 electric manicure set you should own.

Acevivi Professional Nail Art File Drill


This product deserves to be owned because:

+ Multi-Use:

You can use this machine to engrave, engrave, route, grind, sharpen, sand, polish, even engrave into glass, without drilling or overheating conversion.

+ Can adjust speed:

The max speed this kit is 20,000RPM. You can use it for can be applied to gel, acrylic, glass, natural nails or artificial silk nails

+ Comfortable-Use

It can be used on the left or right. It is designed to hold comfortably and work in quiet, smooth, very low vibration for a long time

With the convenience and ease of using, Acevivi Professional Nail Art File Drill is not only a perfect tool for nail care at home but also in spa and beauty salons.

Product description of Acevivi Professional Nail Art File Drill

+ Voltage: AC 110-240V 60Hz

+ Power: 10 W

+ Collect: 2.35mm (3/32inch)

+ Rated Speed: 20,000rpm max

Beauties Factory Electric Nail File Drill Set


This machine can work well on all types of nails such as acrylic nails, gel nails and natural nails. The highest speed of the machine is 30,000 rpm. Therefore, this product works perfectly to shape and sand both acrylic nails and natural nails

Despite the high speed, this drill does not vibrate and allows users to shape their nails exactly as as they want. Apart from that, is that this drill works noisily and smoothly.

Beauties factory Electric manicure has several nail drill bits, as well as countless sanding bands which come together with the kit. The nail drill’s handpiece is simple to hold and move. Plus, all such features make this nail machine one of the best choices for a lot of customers.

Product description of Beauties Factory Electric Nail File Drill Set

+ Electric Nail Drill – Professional Class – 30,000RPM

+ Improved Version : Quiet and smooth – very low vibration vesign for comfort grip

+ Improved handpiece cable ending design so that the cable will not loose out easily

+ Voltage: 110V~120V

Electric Nail Drill Morpilot 11


This drill is not only suitable for use at home but is also used in nail salons. Reason:

+ It is a multifunctional machine. Users can use the machine for manicure, pedicure, polishing ,remove callus, etc. It is easy to operate and change drill without tools.

+ Electric Nail Drill Morpilot 1 has aluminum body so it can dissipate heat well and have a long life.

+ Another great thing is that the device has a small, compact and lightweight design, so it is easy to carry, allowing users to take care of their nails anytime, anywhere

+ It can also easily adjust speed and reverse direction to effectively treat both sensitive and rough scar tissue. Besides, the machine works extremely smooth, light and noiseless

Product description of Electric Nail Drill Morpilot 11

+ Nail drill bits with 3/32″ shank size to fit most professional electric drills.

+ Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation is flexible for filing both left and right hands.

+ 11 types drill and 6 nylon wheel makes the nail drill multi-function and suit for both fingernails and toenails.

+ Input Voltage Range: AC 110-240V/50-60Hz

+ Output Voltage: DC 12V

+ Speed: 0-20,000 RPM (adjustable)

+ The bits included in the kit include fine and coarse grit bands, diamond tips, aluminum oxide and more.

Belle Electric Manicure Pedicure Acrylics Nail Drill


The product is a professional acrylic nail drill. It has high speed bearings, low temperature to operate for a long time with slight noise and vibration when operating.

Belle Electric Manicure Pedicure Acrylics Nail Drill is not only suitable for use at home but also suitable for nail salons. It is versatile because it can be engraved, touched, routed, sharpened, honed, sanded, polished for acrylic nails, gel nails, artificial nails, natural nails

It also has a foot pedal and can be used by a right-handed or left-handed person. This machine also has a security certificate and a power cable.

Product description of Belle Electric Manicure Pedicure Acrylics Nail Drill

+ Nail drill bits with 3/32″ shank size fits most electric nail drills

+ Easy to use and able to change drill bit without tools. Just start your nail art work anywhere you want

+ Adjust the speed(0-30000rpm) freely by speed control knob, slight vibration,provide you quiet and comfortable environment

VOGUE Professional Electric Nail Drill 6300A


Professional electric nail drill VOGUE 6300A is a type of nail drill in which it can help you with nails and toenails. It can be used for both home and professional individuals at nail salons

Product description of VOGUE Professional Electric Nail Drill 6300A

+ 2000-15000 with a precision of speed control box

+ This is great for a nail tech, beauty student, salon, or even for home use.

+ It has a standard chuck of a 3/2” shank size and even those who are not pro, this manicure machine can fit them
VOGUE Professional Electric Nail Drill 6300A is KUPA style, pedicure, manicure, reverse, and forward.

So, If you are looking for an electric manicure set, you should consider Top 5 electric manicure set. Cause, they are good quality, good price and easy to use.


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