Best Nail Dipping Powder Color System Review 2018 includes 5 trusted brands to help you make a right decide for your nails. They are:

  • Healthy: filled with essential vitamins to give your nails a shiny, healthy look
  • Safety: Contain no harmful chemicals (safe for manicurists and customers)
  • Odor Free: non-toxic and odor free
  • Durable: at least more than 3 weeks
  • Easy: an ideal choice for all professional. It’s also easy to handle for all beginners

1. PARIS DIPPING POWDER – Dipping Powder New Neneration

PARIS DIPPING POWDER is very easy to made at home. It is specially matched color with Paris Gel and PARIS Nail Polish up to 90%. Something that no other manufacture in the world has done yet.

PARIS DIPPING POWDER is light scent and does not contain any liquid or primer chemicals, so it is not harmful to consumer. Its dermatologist-tested formula is designed to put the health factor on top. You will never worry about wrinkles, chip, yellowing, harmful primer, marble when make nail with PARIS DIPPING POWDER.

The PARIS DIPPING POWDER kit included color powder, Dipping set kit (dipping primer, dipping base, dipping activator, dipping top), dipping natural, dipping clear.


2. SNS Dipping Powder – Student Kit 4

SNS is the first company inventing the system of dipping powder. This product contains a source of nourishing nutrients essential for nails. So this brand has been gaining more trust in its customers.

The Student Kit 4 is a perfect choice to do a French manicure. This set includes 7 essential liquids, 4 Pink & White shades and a French dip molding to create a beautiful smiling tip.

BUY SNS Dipping Powder – Student Kit HERE

3. NUGENESIS Dipping Powder – Starter Kit

NuGenesis dipping powder has Calcium and Vitamin E. It will help you to own strong, healthy, beautiful nails. The consumer love it because it offer a long-lasting manicure and create a durable glossy finish.

NUGENESIS Dipping Powder – Starter Kit include 5 essential liquids, 3 Pink & White powders, and a French dip molding.

BUY NUGENESIS Dipping Powder – Starter Kit HERE

4. KIARA SKY Dipping Powder – Starter Kit

You can easily achieve a French manicure looking professional as a salon by KIARA SKY Dipping Powder – Starter Kit. And it take less time than traditional acrylic application. This kit includes 6 essential liquids, 5 Pink & White powders, and a dip case

BUY KIARA SKY Dipping Powder – Starter Kit HERE

5. Revel Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit

You will own a lightweight, long shiny and resistant to craks, chipping at more 3 weeks when make nail by Revel Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit. It save with approximately 40 applications for each of jar.

The starter kit also includes these essential liquids: Pro base, activator, finish gel, and brush softener.

BUY Revel Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit HERE

And those are suggestions of Best Nail Dipping Powder Colors System Review 2018. As always, be sure to check on to get more recommendations about anything!


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